Profitable Boutique Flower Studio

Category: Retail
City: Vancouver Island
State: BC
Full Price: $195,000
Down Payment: $195,000
Annual Gross Sales: $345,000
Adjusted Annual Profit: $80,000
Status: Sold

Additional Features:

Over the last eight years, the owners of this unique flower shop have pursued a growth strategy by offering customers uncompromising service, a dedication to excellence and personalized floral designs. The results are exceptional: the store has built an extremely loyal customer base and achieved consistent year over year increases in both profits and revenues.

The firm is housed in a central, easily accessible 1500 square foot store-front location with ample free parking. The retail location is visually stunning, with fresh cut flowers complemented by a range of carefully chosen complementary merchandise. Many of the furniture and fixtures are custom built for the store and have been designed for optimal staff efficiency and customer comfort.

Competition is minimal as the store now dominates the local marketplace. The staff are well trained, extremely knowledgeable and are capable of managing day to day operations. The e-commerce website has been a wonderful addition and represents increased opportunities for high margin revenue growth.

The Cowichan Valley has been recognized as a destination locale for weddings and the studio’s excellent reputation encourages customers from out of town to use their services for wedding flowers.

This is a fantastic opportunity for an individual who is looking for an opportunity to work creatively and be well compensated for the effort.

This is not a BC PNP eligible opportunity. Please contact Chinook Business Brokers for more information.

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